Volunteer Flyer and Clearance Schedules
Protocol for Visitors and Volunteers in Pittsylvania County Schools 
2023-2024 School Year 

Pittsylvania County School Division strives to provide a safe learning environment for all  children and staff. Safeguards are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff,  including the screening of all new employees and volunteers in our schools for criminal charges,  especially for child abuse or sex-related offenses.  


Visitors are welcome in schools as long as their presence is not disruptive. Upon arriving at a  school, all visitors must report to the administrative office. (Policy KK) Visitors in a school have  no supervisory responsibility or authority. 

Visitors in a school might participate during the school day in the following:  

Conferences with Teacher, Nurse, Counselor, Cafeteria Manager, Administrator School Assembly Program/Pep Rally 

Lunch or Breakfast


The Pittsylvania County Public Schools support and encourage the active participation of  parents and members of the community in providing and extending educational opportunities for  children. The involvement of parents, volunteers and others in the community who can serve as a  resource to schools is a fundamentally important component of successful school programs. The  administration of each school will direct activities of parents, volunteers and other community resources in the building level. (Policy IICB/IICC)  

For individuals wishing to volunteer in Pittsylvania County Schools, there is an established  protocol for their participation. The protocol includes two levels of background clearance  depending on the level of responsibility and contact with students that the volunteer will have.  

Level I  

Level I volunteers serve as resources to the school and provide little student supervision. If you  would like to volunteer in any of the following capacities you must be approved as a Level 1  volunteer. Level 1 volunteer approval must be done each year. 

Level I Volunteer’s role might include: 

Resource Speaker Day Field Trips (as guest only) PTO Volunteer Field Day Chaperone Athletic Concessions Library Volunteers 

Homeroom Volunteer After Prom Chaperone

Level 2 

Level 2 volunteers may be solely responsible for supervision of students. If you would like to  volunteer in any of the following capacities, you must complete Level 2 Volunteer Approval.  

Level 2 Volunteer’s role might include: 

PTO Officers Day Field Trips (group supervision) Booster Club Officers Field Trip Chaperones (overnight) Tutors 

Student Mentors 

Please note: In order to ride any form of school-sponsored transportation with students  (e.g. school bus, charter bus, or van, etc.) the volunteer must meet Level II clearance  requirements.