What do Closing Codes Mean?

Effective 11/1/18, Pittsylvania County Schools will post school closings information on the PCS web site using the SchoolMessenger Alert System which works in tandem with the existing phone messaging program, Communicate

How it works:
The phone/text/email messages currently generated by the Division Superintendent (or his designee) will also automatically display on the PCS home page regardless if access to the site is from a desktop or mobile device.

Where to find it:
Visitors to the PCS home page will see an alert message overlay on the screen. 
Alert Message on Home Page

Access to the PCS site cannot be continued until the message is minimized by selecting the blue square in the upper right.
Minimize alert message

Once minimized, the alert message will rest in the lower right corner of the window until which time it is no longer being published. 

Alert System

How to know if the message is current:
Refreshing the home page will show if a new message has been added.  The most recent message will appear atop the earlier message.  The word "NEW" will show beside it.

Second Alert message sample