fully accredited

Thank you for all you do for the students in Pittsylvania County.

When I am asked what we are doing to accomplish these good results, my response is always that our staff works extremely hard and goes the extra mile in everything that they do.

Pittsylvania County Schools is the only division in this part of the State with all schools fully accredited.  Patrick County is the closest.  This speaks volumes about what is taking place in your classrooms each day and the pride that you have in the jobs that you do.

From our teachers in the classrooms, our instructional support staff, custodians, school nurses, food service providers, administrative assistants, technicians, maintenance staff, transportation staff, and administrators, every role is essential to providing a quality education for our students.

I thank you for the long hours spent working on school responsibilities, the sleepless nights reflecting on events that transpired during the day, and the countless time taken from your weekends to prepare for the upcoming week.  The certificates your principals received today represent all of your hard work.  You represent the finest in our profession and are second to none.  I am proud to say that I work for Pittsylvania County Schools because of the staff that work here.


Dr. Mark R. Jones
Division Superintendent
September 22, 2017