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Thank you for your interest in "Learning from Home" with Pittsylvania County Schools!  Uncertain which option best meets the needs of your child?  Perhaps the questions below will assist you.

Concerned about COVID-19?

Let's take a minute to explore some solutions for your child(ren) to learn from home.

  • Online Classroom Modules: Stay connected with your child's school, teachers, and schoolmates while learning at home.  Using this online program, your child will complete assignments and activities at home with support from his/her teachers.
    Here's how:  Contact your child's principal to find out more about learning at home with their PCS teachers.
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  • Virtual School: Enroll in the Pittsylvania County Schools "Virtual School" program.  Virtual learning programs offer flexibility to students while providing instruction aligned with the Standards of Learning.   While your child remains a Pittsylvania County School student, this self-paced solution is not connected to a particular school or principal.
    Here's how:   Virtual School Overview
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  • Homeschool:  Teach your child from home.   Home instruction or home schooling is another alternative to school attendance. In Virginia “any parent, guardian, legal custodian, or other person having control or charge of a child” (§ 22.1-254 of the Code of Virginia) may provide home instruction as prescribed by § 22.1-254.1 of the Code of Virginia.
    Here's How: Overview
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  • Homebound: For students whose illnesses and special needs preclude school attendance, medical certification may be obtained from a doctor detailing the condition(s) that warrant homebound placement.  
    Here’s How:
    Contact your child’s school counselor.  Homebound Overview
    Medical certification forms are available here in PDF and Word.
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If link above does launch your email program, please email: [email protected]