Media Referrals

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Checklist | Media Referral Form

Need help making a referral?  Please see your representative below:


Name of School

Name of Representative

Alternative School

Jill Collins

Brosville Elementary School

Christine Collins

Career-Tech Center

Justin Owen

Chatham Elementary School

Paige Wilkinson

Chatham Middle School

Morgan Horne

Chatham High School

Michael Brown

Dan River Middle School

Mandy Riley

Dan River High School

Amitie Hylton           

Gretna Elementary School

Emily Keaton          

Gretna Middle School

Ashleigh Cartolaro

Gretna High School

Rachel Bowler

Hurt Elementary School

Tashauna Wyatt           

Kentuck Elementary School

Ryne Gammon

Mt. Airy Elementary School

Lisa Rowland

Southside Elementary School

Shannon Russell

Stony Mill Elementary School

Amy Mabe           

Tunstall Middle School

Alan Hamrick

Tunstall High School

Adrian Nester           

Twin Springs Elementary School

Kimberly Gammons

Union Hall Elementary School

Haley Moore

Information Technology

Kim Clifton

Central Office

Janet Hancock

 Before submitting a referral, please double check the following:

  • Parent consent is on file for every child in the photo
  • Each person in the photo is identified
  • A description of the activity is clear and concise
  • The photo(s) are high resolution (minimum 2000 pixels):  Download Instructions
  • Your principal has reviewed and approved the submission