Which Instructional Path Should You Choose For Your Child?

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Understanding Remote Online Learning:

Every teacher in the division will have his/her own Google Classroom to support remote online learning. Teachers, administrators, and the Instructional Department will work to ensure content is appropriate and supports the Standards of Learning (SOL).

The instructional department has worked with all schools to develop learning modules that will be available to all teachers via Google Drive. These modules were based on guidance from the Virginia Department of Education. These resources will be incorporated into Google Classrooms across the division for student instruction while at home.

The learning module provides course materials in a logical, sequential order, guiding students through the content and assessments in the order specified by the teacher. 

Learning modules may include:
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Formatted text
  • Files
  • Web links
  • Discussion topics
  • Assignments
  • Tests
  • Quizzes and other types of assessments to support the five-day instructional units.

Each learning module will comprise six weeks of instructional units.  The instructional units will correlate with the PCS Pacing Guides and VDOE Curriculum Frameworks and include learning experiences to help students obtain mastery of the Standards of Learning (SOL) and Industry Certification Competencies.   

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Please note that instructional packets will include a weekly learning overview page and attached learning activities.