Division Retirement 2020

Division Retirement 2020
Posted on 06/17/2020

Congratulations to all!

A message from the Superintendent, Dr. Mark R. Jones

Dear Colleagues, 

Congratulations on your retirement! Your contributions to this school division and the service you have provided to the County are immeasurable. Each of you leaves a void that will take time to fill. You have listened to students’ concerns, brought out the best in them, and ensured that their needs were met. You have transported them to and from school, prepared delicious meals for them, and ensured that their schools were immaculate. In a very special way each of you has made an impact on this school division. You take with you years of experience and a lifetime of knowledge, and you leave a legacy in the investment you have made in the lives of young people. They will remember you for what you taught them, how you spoke with them, and when you supported them. We wish you the very best. You have spent years caring for others and we hope that you take time during your retirement to enjoy some leisurely activities. Thank you for being a tireless professional, a helpful co-worker, and a dedicated colleague. 

Best wishes! 

First Name Last Name Years of Service
Carolyn Crider-Doss 44
Ronald  Smith 43
Debra Richardson 42
Tonda Finney 41
Janet Hancock 41
Joanne Ignacki 41
Barbara Armstrong 40
Janice McCain 40
Vickie Rembold 38
Penny Mason 37
Barry Shelton 37
Mildred Allmond 34
Allyson Springs 34
Katherine Blair 33
Betty Hedrick 32
Ava Gould 31
Kathryn Talbott 31
Kathryn Tarbet 29
Lucinda Fitzgerald 29
Edith Whitfield 29
Deborah McGregor 27
Ronda Owen 25
Timothy Amon 24
Rosanne Lloyd 24
Michael Adkins 23
Cathy King 23
Sandra Parker 22
Jennie Chambers 21
JoAnn Tyler 21
Regena Harris 19
Floyd Herndon 18
Judy Chappell 17
Linell Adams 16
Robert Walton 16
Marion Berger 12
Dianne Thompson 12
Patricia Thompson 12
Beulah Mullins 11
William McCain 7
Carl Adams 6
Alex Chaney 5
Joni Belcher 3