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The purpose of student transportation in Pittsylvania County is to transport children to and from school in a safe and efficient manner. In order to do this, we need the cooperation of parents, students, bus drivers, and all school personnel.

The following regulations will help everyone understand what is expected of the students, in an effort to ensure their safety while on the bus and while waiting for the bus:

  1. Parents are requested to accompany their young children to and from the bus stop, or designate a responsible person to do so.

  2. Students must wait off of the travel portion of the highway until the bus comes to a complete stop, at its regular bus stop. Students should never be on the hard part of a paved road or the traveled part of a dirt road.

  3. Students should be at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes before the scheduled arrival of the school bus. Buses are scheduled so they CANNOT wait for students, and drivers are instructed NOT to wait.

  4. Students should board the bus immediately and take a seat toward the back of the bus, three (3) to a seat, where possible. Drivers are instructed to give students a chance to take a seat before moving.

  5. Students should remain seated during the trip, and until the bus comes to a complete stop to let them disembark. 

  6. Students should never throw objects on the bus or out of windows. Theyshould keep arms, hands, and other parts of their body inside the bus, and never out of windows.

  7. For sanitary as well as safety reasons, food and drinks will NOT be allowed on buses. Lunches in proper containers are permitted if they are not opened while on the bus.

  8. Band instruments and class projects should not be taken on the bus unless students can hold them in their laps. These objects must not take up space on seats, or be placed in the front of the bus or aisle. Aisles and passageways cannot be blocked and student traffic flow must not be impeded in any way.

  9. Students are permitted to talk in a normal conversational voice to the persons in the seat with them. Yelling and moving around on the bus are not permitted.

  10. The use of profanity or obscene and suggestive language will not be tolerated from any student or driver while on school buses. 

  11. Students should always obey the instruction of the driver. The driver is in complete charge of the bus while on its route.

  12. Drivers are not authorized to put a student off the bus or to refuse to pick one up, unless authorized to do so by the principal of the school, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, or Director of Transportation. Students will be put off of bus either at their regular stop or at the school, not on the road. 

  13. Students having to cross the road to catch their bus, or to get home from bus stop, will cross in front of the bus, under the direction of the driver. They should always cross about ten (10) feet in front of the front bumper of the bus.

  14. Students are permitted to ride only the bus to which they are assigned, and will be picked up and released from the bus only at their regular stops. If it becomes necessary for students to ride another bus, they must have written statement to this effect, signed by their parents and by the school principal, and given to the driver.

  15. Smoking by students or drivers on the bus is unlawful in the State of

  16. Pets, reptiles or any type of animal, are not to be carried on a school bus. This applies even if it is a science project assigned by a teacher.

  17. Students suspended from one bus in Pittsylvania County cannot ride another bus, even if that bus comes directly by the student's home.

  18. Students should accept a ride ONLY if parents or school officials have approved such an arrangement.

  19. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES will be permitted on the school buses at anytime, either by the drivers or the students.

  20. The local school is responsible for detecting and reporting any damage sustained to the bus by carelessness or vandalism. The person causing damage shall be required to reimburse the school for any actual breakage or destruction of property done by such person. Drivers shall inspect buses before and after each special trip and will report any damage to the school principal and the director of transportation as soon as possible. The drivers are responsible for the security of the bus while on a special trip.

The failure of a student to obey the above regulations will subject him or her to be refused the privilege of riding a school bus in Pittsylvania County. The suspension from a school bus does not relieve the parents of their obligation to see that the student attends school.