Of Much to be Thankful

Thank you
Of Much to Be Thankful:

Friday, March 20, 2020

This has truly been an extraordinary week in the history of Pittsylvania County Schools. Last Thursday, who would have thought this week would turn out this way? On behalf of the School Board, I thank each of you for what you have done to extend learning, provide meals, and to assist wherever was needed. Your good work and flexibility this week as we have dealt with COVID-19 is greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank our principals and school staffs for keeping the buildings open this week. I thank the principals, teachers, school staff, and instructional team for your quick work in getting out instructional materials, and I thank the principals, school nutrition staff, and many volunteers for providing meals for the students. We all saw many relieved faces on moms, dads and children this week. I thank our principals and school counselors for providing transcripts and school records and for enrolling new students this week. I thank the support services team and schools for holding mandated meetings and for the work of the school nurse coordinators providing information about the virus and staying in touch with local, state and federal health authorities. I thank the instructional team for staying abreast of possible changes to graduation requirements, dual enrollment, and SOL testing. I thank the finance team for getting payroll done so staff members are paid this month. I thank the bus shop for ensuring that all buses have been disinfected and the maintenance team for making much needed repairs in our buildings. I thank the IT department, the instructional team and the support services team for working together to come up with an online learning platform and the IT department for providing visitor access to WiFi in our high school parking lots. I thank our custodians for the extra cleaning that they provided this week and our administrative assistants for fielding all the calls and continuing the day-to-day operations in our buildings. Thank all of you for accommodating staff members who are over 65, have underlying health conditions, or are caring for older parents. And I thank you for the many other things you did this week that I have not included.
It is my hope that COVID-19 disappears as quickly as it appeared and that we can return to what we do best, educating our children. We have much for which to be thankful, and I am very thankful for you. I wish each of you a restful and safe spring break.

And again, thank you all!

Dr. Mark R. Jones, Division Superintendent