Counseling Services

The Pittsylvania County School Board offers counseling services in all elementary, middle, and high schools. The counseling program is designed to help each student develop a realistic self-concept, acquire knowledge of available educational and vocational opportunities, and make informed academic decisions. Counseling programs include academic, career, and personal/social counseling opportunities as defined below.

  1. Academic Counseling assists students and their parents in acquiring knowledge about curricula choices available to students, planning a program of study for high school graduation, registering and interpreting scores for academic testing, and seeking post-secondary academic opportunities.

  2. Career Counseling helps students understand the concept of a career and acquire knowledge about educational requirements and training for various types of careers. Career counseling includes information about job availability, salary scales, and employment opportunities as related to geographical regions. Students will understand how the 21st century workplace requires lifelong learning, flexibility, and the continuous acquisition of new skills. Career counseling enables students to choose a postsecondary career pathway based on job outlook, personal interests, and academic strengths.

  3. Personal/Social Counseling assists students in developing an understanding of themselves, developing an understanding of others’ rights and needs, developing conflict resolution skills, acquiring self-respect, and learning how to be considerate of others. Personal/social counseling may be provided in individual meetings with students or in groups which focus on the specific concerns of the participant(s). Personal/social counseling prepares students to become productive, responsible citizens.