Response Guidelines


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Levels are defined by the presence of the following within the school locally:












Field Trips/Travel


Level 1

(Low Risk)

-1st Pandemic case reported in the country

-No reported cases in VA

-Use of periodic email with community health providers

-Use of website to provide information

-primary sources of information from CDC and local Health Department

Normal school access

Normal instructional delivery

All regularly scheduled activities

Field trips allowed, as per normal school policy

Normal working conditions

Level 2

(Moderate Risk)

-First pandemic case reported in the state of VA

-Increasing number of cases reported in the country

-School and community (employees, students and parents) are requested to take their temperature twice per day if they feel ill. If temperature is 100 degrees or higher, they should stay home.

-School community asked to report travel of students, staff and family members

-updates to community on status of pandemic flu in state (posted on website)

-Communicate school’s pandemic response plan to families

-Classroom instruction to students on pandemic disease and proper hygiene

Normal school access

Normal instructional delivery

All scheduled programs allowed except to affected areas

All events will be reviewed. Events in areas where cases have been confirmed will be cancelled or denied

Normal working conditions but substitutes to be provided for employees with an elevated temperature of 100 degrees or higher

Level 3

(Medium Risk)

-First pandemic case reported in the community

-Increased spread of pandemic flu in the state of VA

-Daily updates to staff and community by website

-Daily classroom updates to explain current situation in the area

-Daily instruction on hand washing and hygiene

-No non-school

visitors (no exception)

-Parents must remain in the office when picking up their children

-Schools open for classroom instruction only

-Daily homework provided by teacher for any student at home

-When at Level 3, teachers should make assignments for students to complete at home in the event a Level 4 is reached

-Extra-curricular activities cancelled

-No large gatherings allowed at school

-No school wide assemblies

-All special events, field trips, travel, etc. cancelled

-No large faculty or staff gatherings

-All faculty and staff report to work after assessing temps at home. (Any person with a temp 100 or greater must stay home)

-Division Leadership Team meets to determine how best to continue school operation

Level 4

(High Risk)

-Spread of pandemic flu within the school

-Schools experience elevated absentee rates and cases are reported to Health Department

-The “outbreak threshold” for pandemic flu  is reached when 10% or greater of the student body is absent with a  medically confirmed diagnosis of flu

-Government directs closure of schools

Daily updates via website and local media outlets

-No classes held

-School facilities available for public health usage following Red Cross Shelter protocols

Students are to work on previously assigned school work for completion at home

All school facilities closed

-Not applicable for students and staff

-School facilities are used by community as needed

Division Leadership Team reviews process of school closure and activation of alternative instruction program, maintenance of core operations, and process for reopening of schools