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July 22, 2014:

The length of the school day will be extended for twelve (12) minutes [6 at the beginning of the morning classes and 6 at the end of the afternoon classes] for the 2014-2015 school year. This decision becomes necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the instructional program, remove days during spring break as possible make-up days, and eliminate the possibility of extending the school day to make up days missed due to inclement weather. The priority make-up days listed, if available, will be utilized first with the implementation of banked days to follow accordingly. Any questions relative to specific schedules should be directed to the appropriate school principal.

Excerpt from Connect5 Telephone Call to Student Homes on June 23, 2014:

We have confirmed that the General Assembly and Governor Terry McAuliffe have signed the 2014-2016 biennial budget.

It includes language that allows Pittsylvania County Schools to open prior to Labor Day for the next two years because we qualified for a weather waiver in 2011-2012.

Therefore, Pittsylvania County Schools will open with the first day of school beginning on Monday, August 11, 2014.

Thank you for your patience and support of our school system and enjoy the rest of your summer!

James E. McDaniel, Division Superintendent

School Year 2014-15: Published June 23, 2014

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