Curriculum Guides
          Implicit in the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) are content, skills, and processes which are necessary for students to successfully achieve the standards. The curriculum guides in English, Math and Science are the result of collaborative efforts of professionals in kindergarten through high school. The goal in this effort was to "unpack" or break down the SOL in order to provide educators with workable objectives which were more specific, defined and supportive of classroom instruction.

          During the summer of 1999 selected teachers from Pittsylvania County Schools were involved in two efforts to develop usable curriculum guides. Using the sample guides provided by the Virginia Department of Education, teachers in grades K-5 met in August to revise, clarify and elaborate or "unpack" the objectives for the areas of English, Math and Science. Suggested learning experiences and resources were also included in the K-5 materials. The curriculum guides for grades six through the end of course are the results of a regional effort. Teachers from Lynchburg City, Bedford, Appomattox and Pittsylvania Counties worked together to "unpack" the standards into more specific skills and expectations.

          The resulting curriculum guides are intended to be "working drafts," not finished products. Teachers are encouraged to use the guides this year and offer feedback. Continued amplification, revisions, deletions and clarifications will be necessary. Additional learning experiences, strategies and resources should be identified and added to the documents. Timelines, instructional alignment, and assessments are components yet to be incorporated. Vertical and horizontal articulation will need to be extended or enhanced. Teacher and administrator suggestions are welcome as we move forward through this process.

          All who participated in this project desire that the guides will be helpful to teachers as they plan units, lessons and as they develop assessments. We are grateful to the efforts of the teachers and specialists who participated in this project in Pittsylvania County and surrounding school districts.

Lillian Daughtry 
Lead Director for Science 

James McDaniel 
Lead Director for Math 

Rebecca Smith 
Lead Director for English

K-12 (English, Math and Science)

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