Pittsylvania County Schools: 
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Internet Filtering




ibossPittsylvania County Schools is installing a new filtering program called, "iboss."  This robust program will greatly enhance the classroom and work environment with the features it includes.  While we are tweaking the installation, you may encounter instances where sites are now blocked which were previously available.  To this end, we are providing you with instructions to request access to sites which are needed.  Please review the step-by-step instructions below. 

While no filter can give 100% guarantee to block sites which do not meet the educational standards of Pittsylvania County Schools, we are reassured that the ultimate filter in the classroom and lab settings are the supervising teachers.



To attempt to see the site, you must first login as yourself.

Please ignore the term "different" in the instructions.  Click the button which reads "Login as a Different User."



Use your network login (firstname.lastname). 

Use your regular network password.  This is the same one you use to login to your computer in your classroom.

Click the green login button when you finish.



After you fill out the login information, this small window will appear.


Please pay close attention to next sections.  Follow the instructions carefully so that you will be successful in either:

Taking you to the page you wish to visit

Providing you with an override request box if the site is still blocked.


A small box "Internet Access Window," will pop up over the first page you encountered with the yellow triangle.

You will need to slide the small "Internet Access Window" over to the right, so that you can see the page beneath it that shows the web site address you wish to access. 

When moving the window, be very careful not to close out the small "Internet Access Window" by accidentally clicking the "x" the upper right hand corner.

To see if your page is available at this point, take your mouse and click on the web site address that was originally blocked. (See arrow below)
  • When you click on the web site address, the small box that was on top will "disappear" but it's really in the background, so do not worry.
  • If your site is allowed by iBoss, it will now display.

Some sites will always be blocked due to content even if you logged in properly, such as gaming and pornography. 


If your page is not allowed, please follow these steps to
request an exception.

You will receive this notice below once you click the green "Request Exception" button to submit it for consideration. iboss
As precaution, be certain that you logout of the "Internet Access Window" (small box) screen: iboss

Once your request has been received and if the site is released, you will be able to access it.  Please allow several days for sites to be reviewed.

Questions?  Your ITRT will be happy to assist.