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Special Rule for 8th Graders Taking High School Credit-Bearing Classes

  • If parents do not want high school credit-bearing classes taken by their child in eighth grade to be included on the high school transcript, a parent must submit a request to the middle school principal within one week of receiving the final report card for the eighth grade year. The request must state that the parent wants the child's Algebra I, Spanish I, and/or French I grade dropped from the high school transcript.
  • Following the principal's approval, grades for high school credit-bearing classes taken during eighth grade will be dropped from the student's high school transcript. This means that the student must retake Algebra I, Spanish I, and/or French I in the ninth grade in order to earn credit.
  • If the student makes a lower grade in ninth grade, the student must still keep the lower grade on the transcript because there is no reinstatement of the middle school grade once it is deleted.

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