11 Exciting CLASSES for 2017!


2017 Faculty
Row 1: Brenna Takata-Let's Start from Scratch, Jennifer Watson-Around the World, Avery Wyatt-director, Heather Morris-Drama, Ginny Farthing-Kitchen Chemistry

Row 2: Toni Harvey-Legos, Melanie Chappell-Piedmont Justice, Scharlotte Cassell-Around the World, Cathleen McGarvey-Engineering & Design, Dawn Hudson-Drama, Libby Killian-Art, Susan Franklin-Smith-Let's Start from Scratch, Larry Aaron-The Great Outdoors

Row 3: David Locklear-Lego Robotics, Elicia Owen-Ooey Gooey Biology, David Potts-Applied Chemistry & Physics, Fred Motley-Drama, Becky Robertson-Computer Resource Lab

E-mail: Avery S. Wyatt, Director

How to apply
How to apply
How to apply
How to apply
Students will gain a practical knowledge of everyday chemistry which will allow them to make sound and logical decisions concerning the use of chemicals in their environment.  Students will conduct experiments and take several field trips to broaden their understanding.

Travel the world by experiencing the culture, the geography, the art, and the foods of various regions.  In this class, students will cook and eat foreign foods, compile cook books, create exotic art projects, and participate in favorite activities from diverse countries.  Slovakian strudel, anyone?

Art instruction that integrates a variety of artistic techniques and media will provide students with an opportunity to expand their artistic abilities.  Students will experiment with a wide spectrum of artistic media including charcoal, pastel, watercolors, and acrylics.  Highlighting the week will be a visit to an art museum where the world of creativity from process to product parallels the limitless realm of the imagination. Students will be part of a team that will present a musical play for production. This will be a collaborative process and all participants will get to act, sing and dance on stage. 

Anyone wishing to enroll in Drama MUST AUDITION.
(see below)

How to apply

How to apply

How to apply
How to apply
Become a problem solver!  Using the engineering and design process, students will work in teams to research and construct bridges and buildings.  They will explore different techniques to achieve a "life safe" structure with aesthetic appeal. Structures will be tested for durability using a shake table and tested for strength using weights. Students will learn how professionals work. Daily field trips and activities will involve weather measurements, local plant and animal surveys, daytime astronomy, environmental science including water air quality, ecosystems evident in soil samples and pond life, rock formations and fossils, typography using Global Positioning Satellites, compasses and elevation maps.  Some activities will involve laboratory work, use of a video microscope, and computer science probes. Visits to a science museum and guest speaker are planned. Good walking shoes (preferably with high tops) appropriate for a rough terrain are a must. Have you ever wondered how bread gets all those little holes in it?  What makes soda bubble?  In this hands-on, applied chemistry class, students will conduct research and perform experiments to learn about some chemical principles, including anaerobic respiration, extraction, denaturation, and phase changes.  Highlights will include edible experiments and a field trip.

Students will take a hands-on approach to learning about the six simple machines. Three different Lego Dacta kits will be used to build projects designed to teach these concepts. Projects will utilize gears, pulleys, electric motors and pneumatic pumps. Students will then get the opportunity to do structured drawings on computers using computer assisted drawing and design software (CADD). A field trip to see robotics in industry will enrich what students have learned.

How to apply
How to apply
How to apply

To Drama Students:

In this beginning coding class, students will learn to create simple games, animations and interactives through a coding program.  Students will be introduced to different coding platforms, including Scratch, which was developed at MIT.  Highlights will include a field trip and student presentations of their work.

Ever wonder why you have skin or why your fingerprints are unique? Well Ooey Gooey Biology is the class for you! Come and learn about the human body while having fun making snot, edible skin, and drinkable blood just to name a few. This class will also include a field trip.

Learn the fundamentals of criminal investigations from beginning to end.  In this class, students will solve simulated crimes by analyzing data like the professionals.  Visits to the sheriff's department, the courthouse and a forensics lab will provide a hands-on opportunity to work like real detectives.  This class will conclude with a mock trial.

Drama notice

Note About Drama Classes:
At the drama audition, students must be prepared to sing a song of their choice, read lines that will be supplied by the instructors and follow directions given to them.

Auditions will be held at the Chatham High School Auditorium in Chatham, Virginia on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at 10:00 a.m.  (Please arrive a few minutes early - will conclude  by 12:30 p.m.) 

Students who enroll in drama must attend BOTH WEEKS of Governor's School.