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In order to apply for admission to the PRGS, identified gifted students must complete an application that is available from division gifted coordinators or gifted resource teachers.

Applications will be available in mid March. Check with your Gifted Resource Teacher or Gifted Program Coordinator for availability and deadlines.

Completed forms are to be returned to the Gifted Program Coordinator or Gifted Resource Teacher of the local division. Local school divisions will then collect data for all applicants that includes grade point averages, standardized test scores and teacher recommendations. Students with the highest number of points will be accepted. Local divisions notify students of their acceptance or non-acceptance by mid-May.

The completion of the application and return of it to the Gifted Coordinator of your school system does not guarantee that you will be accepted for the PRGS. However, if accepted, you will be expected to attend the program unless an emergency arises. Also, failure to participate in the academic program or infraction of the rules and regulations will be just cause for immediate dismissal.

The Regional Governor's School staff will notify accepted students of their class placement by the end of May. If placement notification is not received by May 30, please notify the Piedmont Summer Regional Governor's School for a second placement packet.


  • Students currently in grades 4 and 5 during the current school year will participate in classes the first week.

  • Students currently in grades 6 and 7
    during the current school year
    will participate in classes the
    second week. 

  • Students who choose
    to enroll in DRAMA will attend
    both weeks.

All classes will begin at 9:00 a.m. and conclude at 3:00 p.m. 

All students must furnish their lunch.