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Faculty/Staff Directory



Mr. Steven Mayhew


Mrs. Melanie Hastings

Assistant Principal

Mr. Matthew Weatherford

Assistant Principal


Ms. Carol Dean

Ms. Tiana Noble

Mr. Jacob Thompson

Career & Technical Education

Dan River High offers CTE courses in Agriculture, Business, Family & Consumer Science, Marketing, and Technology Education.  Many of these courses are offered with dual enrollment credit, through Danville Community College. 


Content Area

 Mrs. Whitney Terry

Agriculture Education

 Mrs. Heather McDowell

Business & Information Technology

Mr. John Wagstaff

Business & Information Technology

Mrs. Cheryl Waller

Family & Consumer Science

Mrs. Suzanne Davis

Family & Consumer Science

Mrs. Lori Jones

Marketing Education

 Mrs. Jodi Knowlton-Martin

Technology Education

Ms. Casey Kenealy

Agriculture Education – 2nd semester














Exceptional Education

The exceptional education department is here to insure that all students have the opportunities necessary to achieve success.  Academic Support, Inclusion Classes, and Direct Instruction Classes are all used for the support and success of exceptional students.


Mrs. Laura Alderson

Ms. Kristi Waller

Ms. Angela Jones

Mrs. Tamera Poindexter

Mr. Timothy Dalton

Mrs. Merissa Ward





Fine Arts

Courses in Art, Band, Chorus, and Drama, insure that students interested in the visual and performing arts find something to express their talents.  Students with a desire to express themselves through fine arts, will find our department full of excellent opportunities.


Content Area

Mr. Maxtan Artis


Mrs. Leslie Blair


Mr. Dan Franklin


Mrs. Beverly Martin


Health & Physical Education

The courses offered through the Health/PE department both meet the graduation requirements and the needs and interests of the students.  10th grade students will complete Drivers Education during their Health/PE course.


Mrs. Patricia Moore

Mr. Ryan Scolpini

Mr. Jacob Waller

Foreign Language

Hola!  Bonjour!  The foreign language department offers students the opportunity to learn the language and experience the culture of other nations.  Courses are offered in French, Spanish, and Latin (taught through Virtual School).


Content Area

Mrs. Ashley Kaye


Mr. Sean Clendening


Mrs.Audra Keen


Ms. Kalley Norcutt

Spanish -  2nd semester


The English department is pleased to offer a variety of courses including the required English courses, Literature, Journalism, and Advanced Placement courses.  Speak with a guidance counselor or any English teacher for more details about the exciting opportunities available.


Mr. Joseph Birckhead

Ms. Mary Eva Cassada

Ms. Tammy Strader - Librarian

Ms. Amitie Hylton

Ms.Victoria Wright

 Mrs. Janice McCain

Ms. Katie Petrick


Courses in the mathematics department range from Algebra I through AP Calculus, and nearly everything in between.  Algebra Functions, Advanced Algebra & Trig, and Statistics are just a few of the offerings available to students.


Mrs. Laura Gregory

Mrs. Heather Grogan

Mr. Raleigh James

Mrs. Maghan  Paszkiewicz

Mrs. Allyson Springs

Mrs. Jennifer Trail

Mr. James Minich

 Military Science

The JROTC Program prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as American citizens.  Extracurricular activities offered include: Color Guard, which presents the U. S. and other flags at key community and school events; competition drill teams, and air rifle teams.


Mr. Mike Coder

Mr. James Durham

 History/Social Studies

Offerings in history and social studies are designed to encourage students to evaluate their own beliefs, attitudes, values, and social conduct. The basic disciplines of social studies provide insight into the operation and results of various kinds of social, economic, governmental and political systems.


Ms. Emily Crabb

Mrs. Brittany Estep

Mrs. Megan Fletcher

Mrs. Erin Koger

Mr. John Robinson


The science program offers a wide variety of courses in earth and environmental science, biology, chemistry, and physics.  Students are encouraged to select other science courses that meet their particular interest or vocational/career choices.


Mrs. Melissa Aherron

Mr. Brad Broskie

Mrs. Elizabeth Kirby

Mrs. Kelly Merricks

Mrs. Sabrina Saunders

Support Services

Dan River High would not be able to provide all of the valuable opportunities for growth and learning to its’ students without the dedication of these outstanding professionals!  Everything this group does for our school contributes to the success of our school and its students.



Mrs. Donna Brumfield

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Julie Jones

Attendance Clerk

Mrs. Teresa Dawn Jones

Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

Mrs. Robin Capps

Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Chantal Aherron

Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Joni Belcher

Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Lynn Saunders

Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Cindy Trammell

Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Penny Wilson

Cafeteria Staff

Mr. Jeffrey Paszkiewicz

Career Academy

Ms. Keri Holt

College Guide

Mr. William Wilson


Mr. Benjamin Hardy


Mr. Maurice Reynolds


Mr. Auten Williamson


Mrs. Cynthia Mills

Information Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT)

Mrs. Linda Hale

School Nurse

Deputy Howard Crump

School Resource Officer

Mr. Richard Farlow

Teacher's Aide

Ms. Cathy Medley

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Nancy Dalton Teacher's Assistant

Mr. Chris Moshenek

In-school suspension/Behavior Management Center (ISS/BMC)

Mr. Phillip McCain

Virtual School and Credit Recovery program

Mr. Randy McCann

Information Technology Technician (IT)

Mrs. Cynthia Stephens

Guidance Clerk

Mr. Ed Motley

DCC Coordinator

Mr. Tawaiin Harper

Bus driver

Mr. James Clark

Bus driver

Ms. Virginia White

Bus driver

Ms. Lawanda Glass

Bus driver

Mr. James Hodnett

Bus driver

Ms. Lena Kent

Bus driver

Ms. Elizabeth Walker

Bus driver

Ms. Shelby Hairston

Bus driver

Mr. Billy Hankins

Bus driver

Mrs. Irene Barrett

Bus driver

Ms. Wendy Moran

Bus driver

Mr. Jene Richardson

Bus driver

Ms. Peggy Brumfield

Bus driver




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