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Level 1 Examples  
  • Resource speakers

  • PTO Volunteers

  • Athletic concessions

  • Homeroom Volunteer

  • Day field trips (as guest only)

  • Field Day chaperones

  • Library Volunteers

  • This level must be updated yearly

Wish to become a Level 1 volunteer? 
Level I Volunteer Form - Revised
(Word format)

(Word format)

Level 2 Examples

  • PTO Officers

  • Booster Club Officers

  • Tutors

  • Student Mentors

  • Day field trips (group supervision)

  • Field trip chaperones (overnight)

  • Athletic coaches

  • You only have to complete this level once.

Wish to become a Level 2 volunteer? 
If you would like to become a Level 2 volunteer, please contact Colleen Hardy at colleen.hardy@pcs.k12.va.us for more information.



Visitors in a school might participate during the school day in the following:

  • Conferences with teacher, nurse, counselor, cafeteria manager, or principal

  • School assembly program/Pep Rally

  • To have lunch or breakfast

Visitors are welcome in schools as long as their presence is not disruptive. Upon arriving at a school all visitors must report to the administrative office.

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