Pittsylvania County Schools
Computer Technology Acceptable Use Policy

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Acceptable Use Policy for Middle and Secondary Students


The use of the computers provided by PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY SCHOOLS to students is a privilege.  This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is designed to describe how PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY SCHOOLS expects the technology to be used.  

Students who violate this policy may suffer disciplinary action including but not limited to the loss of privileges relating to the use of technology in the schools as described in the Student Conduct policy.

Limited Purpose of Educational Mission

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY SCHOOLS provides access to its computer system, including access to the Internet, as a privilege, and not as a right, to its students and staff.  PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY SCHOOLS has a limited educational purpose which includes the use of its system for classroom activities, professional or career development, and limited high-quality, self-discovery activities.  Users are expected to use Internet access through the computer system to advance educational and personal goals consistent with the mission of PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY SCHOOLS and its policies. 

Uses which may be acceptable on a userís private personal account on another system may not be acceptable on this limited purpose system which PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY SCHOOLS provides.

1.0  Acceptable Uses

  • School computer facilities are for educational use by students and staff.

  • The purpose of the Internet is to support and enhance the educational environment.

2.0 Chat Rooms, Forums, and other Communications
  • Student communication with other Internet users is prohibited unless approved and monitored by the supervising teacher.  This includes all use of blogs, forums, chats, e-mail, and other forms of online communication during the school day.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to report any knowledge of electronically transmitted attacks made over the Internet or LAN.

  • Creation or transmission of material in violation of any law, such as threatening, obscene, or copyrighted material, is prohibited.

  • Users must always include their name in email communication.

3.0 Activities Prohibited via School Telecommunications Facilities

  • All communication, whether over the Internet or the LAN, must be conducted in a polite, considerate manner.

  • Transmission of derogatory, demeaning, or vulgar material and personal attacks is prohibited.

  • Any behavior intended to disrupt the use of facilities is prohibited.

  • Using profanity or offensive language is prohibited.

4.0  Other prohibited activities include:

  • Using, viewing, or attempting to locate material that is unacceptable in a school setting is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic, obscene, violent, or vulgar images, sounds, music, language, video, or other material that is not in keeping with the educational mission of PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY SCHOOLS.

  • Unauthorized use of credit cards to purchase products or services is prohibited.

  • Any activity that results in the loss of another personís privacy is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, accessing or copying software or data containing personal information.

  • Use for product advertising, political or commercial purposes, or illegal activity is prohibited.

  • Unauthorized remote access to school facilities via telecommunications facilities is prohibited.

5.0    Access to Computer Facilities

  • Students are prohibited from entering restricted areas without permission of the staff and without adult staff supervision.  Such areas include, but are not limited to, administrative work areas, server rooms, wiring closets, labs, and classrooms.

  • Removal of equipment from school grounds or relocation of equipment within the school is prohibited.

6.0    Software

  • Installing, copying, or executing software not licensed to PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY SCHOOLS  is prohibited.

  • Software and/or equipment provided by PCS for home use is restricted to use by PCS staff or students.

  • Copying software in violation of copyright laws is prohibited.

  • Unlawful possession of software licensed to PCS is prohibited.

7.0    System Use

  • Possession or use of hacker utilities designed to circumvent security systems or gain unauthorized access to computer facilities is prohibited.

  • Attempting to access the Internet via connections other than the filtered, monitored system provided by PCS or to circumvent the School Boardís Internet filtering system is prohibited.

  • Damaging, marring, or defacing computer hardware or network infrastructure is prohibited.  This includes the monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, printer, scanner, cables, connections, switches, wiring, and other associated equipment.

  • Deleting or altering software and/or network settings on school equipment is prohibited.

8.0    System Security

  • Abuse or unauthorized use of passwords is prohibited.

  • Any user identified as a security risk for having a history of problems with other computer systems may be denied access to computer facilities.

  • Users who have knowledge of breaches of security by others are expected to notify a system administrator or responsible adult.

9.0    Internet Safety

  • Students are expected to avoid sending, receiving, viewing, or downloading illegal material via the Internet. 

  •  No studentís image, article, or identifying information may be posted on the PCS web site until a release form is signed by the studentís parent or guardian.

10.0    Notification

  • The AUP and associated Student Conduct policies are provided to each student and parent annually as part of the student handbook.  Students and their parents/guardians are expected to return the signed acknowledgement of their receipt of these policies.

  •  AUP training is conducted annually for students.