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Computer Technology Acceptable Use Policy

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Acceptable Use Policy for Elementary Students

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Use the Internet safely. 
Computer and Kids Our Internet computers keep track of everything we do.  There are no secrets from the computer.  It knows exactly what you and I typed, when we typed it, and at what computer we were sitting.   The computer looks at everything you see before you see it.  Sometimes, the computer decides it is not something we should have in our classrooms, and the computer will stop it.  We call this "blocking" or “filtering.”  You are not allowed to try to access sites that are blocked.
Mouse We have tried to make the Internet safe for students. You are expected to follow your teacher’s directions at all times. Searching for just anything (It’s called “free surfing.”) without your teacher’s guidance is not permitted at any time.

Man in front of computer

Keep yourself safe while you are online. Never type your name, age, address, or telephone number into the computer without your teacher telling you to do so. Not everyone in the world is nice, and the Internet is part of the bigger world outside your classroom. For this reason, you are never allowed to use chat rooms while at school.
  Our filtering software stops most of the bad things before you see them. If you do see anything on your computer that makes you feel uncomfortable, click the “home” button and immediately report the site to your teacher.  It is your responsibility not to try to find information or pictures you shouldn't see.

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You may not send or receive email without your teacher’s permission. If you are permitted by your teacher to use email to communicate with someone, remember that you are representing yourself, your class, your school, and your family. Be polite, and always put your name on it.
Do not use the computer to cheat or to steal someone else’s work. 
  Never copy work that you find on the computer, even if you can see and open it.
  Follow the rules your teacher gives you for using information and pictures that you find on the Internet.
Take proper care of all equipment.  


Do not damage the computer by hitting, breaking, or writing on it.


Keep your personal diskettes, CDs, DVDs, and jump drives (memory sticks, flash drives, etc.) at home. You may give our computers a virus. 
Monitor Never change the appearance of the screen by adjusting the controls or by moving or hiding icons, menu bars, or toolbars. This affects the ability of the person who follows you to use that station and is not permitted. 
  Our computers have special software that prevents users from making changes to the computer. The computers should not be used if this software is not working properly. If you think this software is not working, immediately report this to your teacher, and do not use that computer.    
Use our computers for educational purposes only. 
  Playing arcade type games that are not educational is not allowed.
  Educational games may be played with your teacher’s permission.

Breaking the rules of the AUP will get you in trouble and you may lose the privilege to use the computers!